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Sellar Door Studios is a high end recording studio located in the hill country of Austin, TX. We offer professional recording, mixing and mastering services combined with a beautiful facility with a private, woodland feel.  We offer a fully furnished studio apartment for artists to stay in while recording that’s located directly under the studio.


Sellar Door Studios has been in the Austin area for over two decades. We strive in bringing a “resort” style approach to recording with our scenic views, private location and a fully furnished studio apartment located below the studio for artists to stay in if they choose to do so. We have a private large pull-through driveway / parking area for touring buses with a 50 amp electrical service for your buses to keep comfortable while you work.  Our approach is simple.  We bring a comfortable environment with a highly professional staff and a slew of amazing gear.  The outcome?  A relaxed recording process resulting in the best possible creativity and sound to be achieved. 


At Sellar Door Studios we provide an incredibly laid-back, but work inspiring atmosphere.  We’ve got 3 large tracking rooms, as well as 2 smaller vocal booth sized tracking rooms.  We have a full kitchen / lounge that also is set up to be a great sounding mid sized tracking room.

Gear List

Mac Mini 16GB Ram, 1TB Fusion HD and I7 Processor  

Universal Audio Apollo 16 x2

Console:  Toft ATB24 V.3.0

5.1 Tannoy Ellipse IDP Speaker System

Yamaha NS10 Reference Speakers


Custom Wunder CM7 Tube (used by Sir Paul McCartney)

Soundelux U195

AKG C414

Peluso Tube Bottle VTB-1 Tube Microphone

Geffell MV692

Earthworks SR25 x3

Electro-Voice/Blue Cardinal x2

AMI F44 Prototype (Handbuilt by Oliver Archutt) 

Neumann KM84 (1 Matched Pair, 1 Unmatched)

Earthworks QTC-1 (Matched Pair)

Earthworks QTC-50 (Matched Pair)

Earthworks FM500 

Earthworks SR69 x2

DPA IMK4061 Instrument Mics x2

Sennheiser MD441

Shure 545SD

Audix DP7 Drum Mic Package

AKG D112

Beyerdynamic M201 x2 

Racked Gear:

Wunder PEQ1R x2

Avalon 737

Telefunken V72 x2

Earthworks 1024 4-Channel

Manley 40MP Tube

Summit Audio 2BA Dual Mic Pre

Universal Audio LA-2A

Universal Audio 2-1176

Universal Audio LA610

Tube Tech CL 2A


UREI LA-5 (Modded by Revive Audio)

DBX 162SL (Stereo)

Tube-Tech MEC 1A

Trident Celebration Strip

Neve Portico 5042 Tape Emulator

Tube Tech SSA 2B Summing Amp


Fender Rhodes Seventy-Three,  Fender Rhodes Eighty-Eight,  Hammond M3, Wurlitzer 206A,  1965 Gibson Scout, 60’s Fender Bassman 100, Marshall JCM900 (1982 model), Mesa Boogie Rocket Express, Groove Tubes Trio Preamp/Dual 75/Rotary Emulator (Racked), Vox VBM-1, Leslie 925, Leslie 122, Leslie 21H, G&L L2500 Bass, Warwick Fortress One Bass, Pearl Master Series (birtch) 6 pc drum set, 72 Zildjian K Series cymbals...and A LOT more gear / instruments; too much to list.

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We love meeting new artists and raising them to new heights in their music career. Reach out to see what we can do for you. Please contact us to schedule a tour of the facilities and discuss rates for your project.

Sellar Door Studios

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